A Better Author Service Company


The concept for Infinity was a team effort. After chatting with local writers at an event, founder Kim Smith wanted to create a business where writers could write and let others produce the products they needed to turn out in this fast-paced literary industry. Tired of the continuous process of finding editors, book cover artists, and marketing avenues and then having to haggle over the price of services, and then having to start over again once the project was complete, she dreamed of a better way.

She formed Infinity Author Services, a company that provided authors with their literary items that needed unique help. Infinity Author Services covers social media, promotion, book cover design, editing and so much more!  


Kim Smith, CEO

With a fabulous talent for writing seductive copy, a natural eye towards business matters, and drive to succeed, founder Kim Smith had over 20 years in the writing business before forming Infinity.  

With 25 years of owning a service business, serious writing chops, and a fabulous sense of humor that comes across in her writing, Kim has proven experience in running a business and “getting” a novel in all its intricacies.


“serious copywriting chops and a fabulous sense of humor”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Kim knows she wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done she wants to if it wasn’t for her awesome crew.

The art department helps to find new clients in need of design services when not hitting the web in pursuit of further education and knowlege on the latest and greatest in promotions, graphics, and media. 

Infinity wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for their highly-skilled team of business consultants. Covering items such as formatting, editing, marketing, and design, our amazing professionals can cover any novel experience a writer might have.