What to write now: How to write what people want to read


At some point in the writing life, you will write a  book that is filled with great characters, sizzling plot, and wonderful setting details. A book that you are proud of and put a lot of yourself into. You write it, edit it, and publish it.  But you realize that no matter how much care you took, it isn’t getting read. Don’t fear. This is a common issue.

Every day many books are being published but only a small number of them ever get read.

What is it that makes someone want to read a book, well, not only any book, but YOURS?

How do you write what people want to read?

Number one, straight off is that you have to write something entertaining, You have to either have humor, action, romance, or a story that is so deep and dark, a reader cannot say no to it. For example, try this book: 

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But even still, this won’t always bring readers.

Why? Because you did something that messed up your shot. One  little item that every new writer makes.


Now, I know, you have heard it over and over, write what you know. If you build it, they will come. Etc. etc. etc. And I believe those things are true to a point. But a reader needs more than just your writing about something you are familiar with. They want different. They want new. In other words, they want what they want, not what you want to write.

So, how on earth do I know what book to write, what genre to write in?

I’m glad you asked.

It is important to remember that everything is ruled by SEO and keywords these days. Your book is no different. You need to be using keywords in your Amazon listing that are hot items and you will be more successful because PEOPLE WILL FIND YOUR BOOK.

I am happy to say that I found such a tool easily by doing a search for Amazon keyword search tool. It is certainly NOT the only site out there, and Amazon has something very similar on their on ground.

Try this site : https://keywordtool.io/amazon

You are given an array of keywords to use on your Amazon listing page. Go out and see what others in your genre are using! Look at what the bestsellers in your genre have for keywords. Try a few out and see what happens with your ranking. It is a simple thing to do to change your keywords. Be sure to give the new one or two time to travel through the web. 

Let us know how you do!


And do not forget, we can also do this keyword search and destroy mission for you-if you are tight on time. It is a part of the mission to help authors write what people want to read.

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