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“As an author, I want cover art that reflects my story. When I asked Kim to produce covers for two of my books–Love, Sam and In the Spirit–I was able to give her only a vague idea of what I envisioned for the books. She created covers that perfectly fit the stories inside.”

Linda rettstatt

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“Infinity Author Services took an idea I had for my cover and made it a reality. They’re a detail-oriented company that works fast.”

Vanessa VanDenblaze

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Pertaining to our efforts to promote our authors:

“I have been working with Infinity Author Services (Kim Smith) for some time now and I am thrilled. She works so hard and I have seen both my sales and author recognition gain significant increases. She is easy to work with, reasonably priced and I recommend her services very highly.” —Leslie Hatchel, author of Bound to Morocco, The Dream Dancer

Linda Rettstatt

Women’s Fiction and Seasoned Romance

Linda approached me about creating a cover for her book, Love, Sam. There were plenty of designers selling their services and plenty of amateurs practicing their skills, but she didn’t have a relationship with anyone that instilled trust. She wanted someone to do her cover who was also a writer. Someone who could document the book’s message as it had been written. I had read her work and knew her style in the past and was happy to help as my creative career took a different direction.

The mechanics of book cover design thrill me with the results. Authors are able to use the photographs I take or find for them to develop a new line of marketing materials and finished products to replace older, less attractive designs. They’ve experienced a new revival of interest in their work by both fans and followers, and lay much of that success with the designs I’ve created.

She selected a vintage background with card and roses
Final cover design 

“It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Kim Smith(Infinity Author Services). She was referred to me recently for assistance with some website issues that I was experiencing. Kim was highly professional yet personable. She demonstrated her knowledge of the task to be done by educating me regarding some highly important back office issues that I had not considered in terms of my site. In addition, Kim, made the requested additions to my website. She communicated with me, explaining each step to be taken and answering my many questions throughout the entire process. For anyone seeking a highly skilled reasonably priced website assistance, Kim Smith and Infinity Author Services is your go-to. I recommend them without hesitation.” Dr. Mary G. Patton, author, speaker, and consultant.




The Sex Bandit

Vanessa VanDenBlaze knows how to tell a sexy story.

When she came to us, she had the art already in her hands. All she needed was a little pop to make it the cover to sell her sizzle.



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” People really do judge a book by its cover. Make sure that their judgement is justified.–Kim Smith

smiling faces working for you

Our services

The services we offer includes smiling faces and pleasant customer service. With professional photography in our background, we are able to capture amazing photos to create one of a kind book covers for your special project, capturing the spirit of your interests and love of the written word.

Can I use Stock photos?

Of all the lovely images we have seen over the years, this option is undoubtably the most often chosen for an author. And Infinity is saying yes to custom creations for an author who wants to use their own stock photos. On top of that, not to be outdone by other designers, Infinity will create something stunning in its own right, using these photos.

How much control?

Most authors today are savvy enough to know what they want their cover to convey. We allow them their say in the creation of the their book cover with revisions. Ultimately, we have to have a product that will sell. It is not too hard to jointly create.