Recently, we received a very nice recommendation from our client, Dr. Mary G. Patton, and we were so happy to have such a enthusiastic client, we thought we would share. You can find it on our clients page here.

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Now on to this blog post… TWO THINGS YOU NEED TODAY

How can I help my book to be seen by readers in such a busy industry?

It’s as obvious as a rock in your shoe that in today’s busy book industry you have to work extra hard to get your book seen by readers. There are many paid opportunities out there including Facebook ads, Amazon ads, and even other social media sites have ad opps now. Have you seen your Instagram feed lately? 


But if you are like so many authors out there, you are doing everything on a shoestring and you cannot afford to pay for a lot of ads that may or may not hit the mark.

So what is a writer to do?

We are old-school in this thought on promotions. We believe that you will get a lot of traction for your book with something that few people think about anymore.


Yes, that is it. If you do not agree with this thinking, you may want to check out another one of our blog posts. Try this one: Write what people want to read

Word of mouth advertising also known as referrals from another reader or recommendations from another reader will get a sale before anything else. So, write that book as well as you possibly can, and then hire us to do the rest for you. It needs a knock-out cover designed to your specs. It needs editing within an inch of it’s life. And (more about this below) it needs a little movement in the marketing sector.

But you said, TWO THINGS to help with my book…

Another thing that we believe works for authors in today’s  overloaded book market is to stop SCREAMING SALES on social media.

Now, understand we didn’t say stop  social media. Just stop selling to everyone with every breath. As a consumer, when you are just scrolling through your feed, do you like those ads?  Do you like to see the people you originally found interesting enough to follow – posting BUY ME-BUY THIS posts each time they appear?

Uh Uh. No way, right?

So, why would you want to do that? Just because every one you know is doing that? Ask them how that is working out for them. Because if they are spending money on paid ads, or spending time on screaming sales on social media, then they are likely losing followers and fans, instead of gaining new ones.

Try to post three PERSONAL about YOU types of posts. Or even about the BOOK which is what most readers want to know.

What was that second thing you mentioned?

We believe the second of two things to gain ground in today’s busy marketplace is to WRITE ANOTHER BOOK. Get in that writing chair and do what you do best. And when you need us, Infinity Author Services will be here waiting. 

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