What should you ask before hiring an editor?

Congrats on finishing your novel. That is a major accomplishment! IA wants to help you make it the best it can be so we are posting here a few things you should ask yourself before contacting us about edits.

Four things you can ask yourself now:
  • Have I let it sit for a while?
  • Does it read like a novel?
  • Does it have a main plot?
  • What do my readers need in this story to get to the end?

Before you hire an editor…

We know you are excited. You JUST wrote THE END. That’s not the time, however, to contact editors about turning this novel into the next bestseller. You should let it sit for a few days. Put it in a drawer. Go play golf. You need to step away from it for a minute or thirty.

THEN when you are sure you are ready – go in and EDIT/REVISE this baby yourself. You do the second draft all on your own and THEN CALL US! We are ready to help you on to the next level!


Drop us a contact form below if you are to the point of edits. WE would love to work with you!

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