blast off

Perfect for first books-eligible for

a la carte add-ons


  • Consultation about book
  • First three chapters edited
  • E-Book cover with one revision
  • Feature 4 XXX increases price
  • Feature 5 XXX increases price
  • Feature 6 XXX increases price


Rocket to the stars


Our best value!

Perfect for more experienced authors! Eligible for a la carte add-ons



  • Consultation about book
  • First six chapters edited
  • E-Book cover with one revision
  • One week promotion on social media
  • Feature 5 XXX increases price
  • Feature 6 XXX increases price


storm trooper

Take your book business to the next level. Add-ons as a la carte will increase this price


  • Consultation
  • Full copy edit
  • E-book or Full Wrap with two revisions
  • Two weeks promotion on social media
  • Dedicated author promo page on Infinity Authors Site
  • Banner for Facebook Page
  • Header for Twitter Page
  • ***images match author promo page for better branding***
  • ADD ONS see below



Most people like packages to keep it neat and tidy, but we offer a lot of things a la carte. That means you can pick and choose what you want and only pay for what you need.

A LA Carte options




Book Cover Design

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that people do exactly that. We’ll work with you to create a cover that’s not only eye-appealing but will show the flavor of your book.

Prices are $65 for single ebook covers and $110 for full wrap. We will give you both for $150. We also will provide a questionnaire for you to give us the details to get the cover just right.

These prices do not include any stock image(s) you wish to use in your book cover design. If you need assistance with locating images, we can guide you to various sites where you can purchase stock images at reasonable prices.

We also offer original photography for your cover art at a separate price, but you will guarantee you one-of-a-kind covers. This is by quote only.


Are you bundling a series and need an image for a boxed set? We can create 3D images to help boost your sales. Boxed-set images are $40.

Miscellaneous Graphics

We can also create business cards, postcards, and packaging graphics for media such as DVDs, and more. If you don’t see what you need, please use our contact form to drop us a note.

Other graphics

Web Graphics

Need a banner ad to promote your newest book? Want an eye-catching cover image for your Facebook, Twitter or other social media page? 

We can provide web-ready graphics for as low as $25.

For logo design, and or branding, we will quote you a package designed on your specific needs. BY QUOTE ONLY

Editing Services



In our minds, a good solid edit, or proofread is worth more than diamonds or gold. 

What type of edit you need may vary.

Developmental edit 


The Infinity form of editing is developmental editing. The book is considered overall as a reader would do. Issues of construction, assembling, continuity, and approach are edited. Sentences may be changed, rewritten or taken out. Entire paragraphs may be revised. Pages may be moved to another part of the book. This form of editing takes much longer than a proofread, and usually comes when an author has completed a couple of drafts. Turnaround times and pricing by quote only. 

Copy Edits


Astronauts have to put in a lot of time on the job, and so do authors. When you feel like you are just moving words around on the page, then contact us.

Infinity editors can remedy book issues of repetitive word usage, grammar, style, and cliched writing. 

A full copy edit with final proof is $500.



A space explorer is one who has already lifted off and gone into the wild outer limits, like an author who is already in the public eye with maybe a book or two and only needs a book proofread, or a final look over.

We can do that for you with a final proof for $350. 


We will work with authors on a budget and work out a payment plan, if needed. Please do not send manuscripts to us without prior consent, and we do not handle first draft material.



Marketing and promotions


We have social media accounts with a wide following and will blast your book promotions whether it is a cover reveal or a book release. We will also create a dedicated author page here on our site.

Infinity Author Services site page hosting is for one month, and can be combined with a social media blitz for maximum coverage. If you want longer hosting time, please let us know in your contact with us.

Dedicated author page is $40.00 for first week, $25.00 every week thereafter. Social media blitz (as a book blast on our multiple blogs combined with author page or alone) is $20.00 for first week, $15.00 every week thereafter. Will require author headshot, book cover image (if not created by Infinity), blurb, and /or synopsis and all purchasing site links.

You can also design a promotion package for yourself. Tell us what you would like.

***Author opportunities for promotions includes: podcasts (audio and video is available)-Twitter, Tumblr, Triberr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Wattpad, and many others!!!*** Just ask!


Other services

To the Moon

Promoting ourselves as an author begins with a well-designed website. We are happy to consult with you to maintain yours. We can also design one for you fresh from the infinite skies. You will be responsible for paying for hosting, domain name registration, and the startup costs associated. We will need the backend details to be able to create the site for you. We design websites so that they get the word out about you and your work, but we leave it up to you as to how much design is done. For us, a few simple pages such as HOME, ABOUT ME, and CONTACT PAGE are good starters. Then you can tell us what else you desire for your site, or we can show you how to do it yourself. For us to design a simple site with three pages and header to match your book, with links to your social media pages, we charge $50.00 an hour with a three hour minimum which is usually plenty of time to create this.

We can maintain your site for you on a monthly basis, also. This is by quote only



 In our minds, there are non-negotiables an author needs: a website, a well-edited book, a good design for the cover, and plenty of promotion. If you need more than we have listed here, we can specialize a package just for you. Drop us a contact form and tell us what you are thinking. We want to be your author services company!


Price list at a glance


 Proofreading: $.02 per word

Copyediting: $.04 per word

Custom ebook covers: $65

Custom print wraparound covers: $110

Ebook and full wrap for $150  

Author page on Infinity site $40 first week, $25 every week after

Social media book blast includes posting to our multiple blogs, and all our social media sites $20.00 first week, $15.00 after

 3 page-Wordpress-based websites: $150 and up

Facebook, Twitter, or other social media timeline headers: $25

Business cards/postcards: $25

3D boxed set images: $40

Miscellaneous work is billed at $50 per hour