Meet Kim Smith, Infinity Author Services very own CEO! She’s a mystery author, graphic designer, as well as a mighty promotions magnet, and her energy turns all the wheels at IAS. As she haunts these hallowed halls, her writing cred goes on.

Kim is the author of eleven published works, including the zany mystery series featuring Shannon Wallace. Her reviews show how readers get attached to her characters. She also has an award winning time travel for young adults entitled An Unexpected Performance. It is a hit for all ages.

She is owned by a four-pound Chihuahua named Darby Doolittle, who will appear sometimes in her social media feeds. That’s only to appease the beast, as she can get quite snippy when ignored. Kim is also a big fan of Doctor Who with the tenth incarnation being her absolute favorite and she watches Chesapeake Shores when she has time. She says she wants to have less and less time for tv shows and hopes you will use her services to facilitate that loss.

Kim is often seen at local writing events with her writing buddies, and also many of the creative writing cons around the country. If you should see the Infinity Author Services table, please do stop by and say hi!

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Get to know more about Kim at her author website 

And then, bookmark this site so you can keep up with all the fun stuff Kim will be doing this month-it will likely include giveaways!

 Kim’s Halloween read, In the Shadows, a Shannon Wallace Short Mystery will go on sale October 1st and you will be able to get it for FREE at Amazon! Keep checking back!

“We want to prove our worth in the writing community. We are only as good as you perceive us to be. Let us show you what we got.”

September Author of the Month

Sometimes being the new kid on the block can work against you. Some of the more established kids cross their arms and wait for you to prove your mettle. We understand this mentality. We want to prove our worth in the writing community. That’s why we are looking for our author of the month for September. 

This will be someone who we can promote all month long. Someone who will be generous with a testimonial to help us spread the word about Infinity Author Services.

May this someone be you? We sure would love to hear from you!

Our company is only as good as you perceive us to be. We have worked hard to make this business one that writers and creatives will be happy to work with.

Let us show you what we got.


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