September Books

This month we will  be promoting several books. THE DREAM DANCER is one of them! If you haven’t read this book yet, and you like romance or suspense, you will want to get it soon!


Lady Bryce has a gift. 
She can enter dreams and persuade her will onto others. 
It has served her well, especially in eliminating unsatisfactory suitors of her father’s choosing.
But when she encounters Lord Rowland, she wants him more than anything and decides to visit him in his sleep and make him desire her above all others. 
As a virgin, she has discovered a diary from a leman who describes seduction in detail.
When she has driven Rowland to the edge of longing, she extracts a promise that he will marry her. 
As time passes, Bryce and Rowland fall in love.
But will their love be able to conquer all once Bryce’s secret is revealed? Rowland must decide if he truly loves her or has been bewitched.

dream dancer

September Author of the Month

This month we will be promoting authors – yes, those wild, wacky writers who create great reads for you. If you are interested in getting on our author of the month list, drop us a line


Kim Smith our very own CEO here at Infinity Author Services is our AotM for September. Her short story, IN THE SHADOWS is available for download here:

September Special PRICES!

You can get 50% off any of our promotions package during the month of September. Just fill out a contact form and tell us what you need! 



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