As it so often happens, new writers put the back end work of creating a book to the bottom of the list and then when they need to find freelancers to get the cover art, editing, etc. done, they are behind on the curve.  It takes time to seek a freelancer, follow up on their reviews/recommendations, and finalize the payment arrangements.

to find freelancers

Most freelancers can be found on or or another of the usual freelance for hire places.  But did you know that companies such as Infinity Author Services also uses freelancers? WE DO~! Sometimes it is imperative that a job be done in a time frame that we are unable to handle, so we will outsource that job and believe me, we have a great team! Our designers, editors, etc. have already been pre-viewed, pre-tested, and pre-approved by writers just like you!

By using IAS, you are getting the freelance work you want without the hassle of having to find freelancers online, vet them, and all the other parts of hiring someone for the work of doing cover art, edits, etc.

Why you do not need to find freelancers any more!

We also have in house employees, so your needs are always covered. You will not be behind one second in the process of getting your book into the media. The only thing that we would like to see happen from you is SUCCESS! And you will definitely be successful if you are not struggling to get your finished work into the world of readers.

And don’t forget – Infinity Author Services also does promotions for your book as well! We have a team of bloggers, social media gurus, and podcasters to get the word out about your book for a very reasonable price.

Check out our packages and information page or our client testimonials for more info.

Or better yet, if you are just now on the search to find freelancers for your book, drop us a contact form and let us assist you!

Get one customized for you


We love to make covers at Infinity Author Services, but we don’t want to use stock images, so we take them ourselves. That way you always get a unique, cool cover that NO ONE else has. Once we use the image, it is gone forever. 


Contact us today to get a super, custom cover for your book. We also do images for Facebook, and other social media, so you can have a branded look.

How can I get a book cover from you?

Check out our packages and information page for details on more book covers for pay

So, how can I get a cheap book cover from you?

  1. Mention us on social media as often as possible
  2. Share our cover 
  3. Pay us what you can afford. (we are in business, but not out for blood)

We really do want to be your services business. We are authors, and we know what it feels like to be making pennies on each sale. It’s hard to get a return on your investment when you are not making anything on a sale. We really don’t think our work is free material, but we also want to be reasonable. Let us know what your budget is and see what we can do.


What about those social media graphics? Yes, we can do those too. See our packages page for graphics that we have already created. Let us make one for you! We want to create custom designs that make your work stand out n the industry today. It takes a village to get the word out so don’t forget we do PROMOTIONS for you, also.  We can get you on podcasts, and other industry blogs, as well as blast your info on our multiple sites.