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It is a known fact that writers suffer from procrastination more than most. But you do not have to procrastinate with getting your writing in for the day, if you know why you do it.


Have you ever been so tired of NOT writing that you actually considered hiring someone to do it for you? If you are honest, the answer is yes. But why is this such a big deal? Well, steering yourself away from that writing chair could have big consequences the more often that you do it.

procrastination We all need a vacation from something 

And it is not a simple thing to combat. Everyone puts off things once in a while and sometimes it is situational rather than a personal desire to avoid a thing.  Sometimes however, it is definitely personal. Sometimes we avoid doing unpleasant tasks. But wait, you say, writing isn’t unpleasant. Well, here is where it gets a little sticky.

How to stop procrastinating and why you should

If you attach success or failure to your writing, then you might find that writing poorly, or writing an unpleasant piece is easy to avoid because you are already feeling a certain way about it before you ever let your fingers touch the keys. You are giving the writing of the piece so much attention via what is going into it, that you actually shut down. And there is always the old “it is not good enough” or worse “I am not good enough”. 

Remedy this. Start today by saying you are able and you are good enough. Stop putting this manner of resistance in the forefront and begin to examine the possibilities, such as what if, how could I, and when I finish this.  Replacing the negative thought patterns will break you free and set you on the path to getting the work turned out.

Procrastination How to Stop and Why You Should 

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As it so often happens, new writers put the back end work of creating a book to the bottom of the list and then when they need to find freelancers to get the cover art, editing, etc. done, they are behind on the curve.  It takes time to seek a freelancer, follow up on their reviews/recommendations, and finalize the payment arrangements.

to find freelancers

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Why you do not need to find freelancers any more!

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Now on to this blog post… TWO THINGS YOU NEED TODAY

How can I help my book to be seen by readers in such a busy industry?

It’s as obvious as a rock in your shoe that in today’s busy book industry you have to work extra hard to get your book seen by readers. There are many paid opportunities out there including Facebook ads, Amazon ads, and even other social media sites have ad opps now. Have you seen your Instagram feed lately? 


But if you are like so many authors out there, you are doing everything on a shoestring and you cannot afford to pay for a lot of ads that may or may not hit the mark.

So what is a writer to do?

We are old-school in this thought on promotions. We believe that you will get a lot of traction for your book with something that few people think about anymore.


Yes, that is it. If you do not agree with this thinking, you may want to check out another one of our blog posts. Try this one: Write what people want to read

Word of mouth advertising also known as referrals from another reader or recommendations from another reader will get a sale before anything else. So, write that book as well as you possibly can, and then hire us to do the rest for you. It needs a knock-out cover designed to your specs. It needs editing within an inch of it’s life. And (more about this below) it needs a little movement in the marketing sector.

But you said, TWO THINGS to help with my book…

Another thing that we believe works for authors in today’s  overloaded book market is to stop SCREAMING SALES on social media.

Now, understand we didn’t say stop  social media. Just stop selling to everyone with every breath. As a consumer, when you are just scrolling through your feed, do you like those ads?  Do you like to see the people you originally found interesting enough to follow – posting BUY ME-BUY THIS posts each time they appear?

Uh Uh. No way, right?

So, why would you want to do that? Just because every one you know is doing that? Ask them how that is working out for them. Because if they are spending money on paid ads, or spending time on screaming sales on social media, then they are likely losing followers and fans, instead of gaining new ones.

Try to post three PERSONAL about YOU types of posts. Or even about the BOOK which is what most readers want to know.

What was that second thing you mentioned?

We believe the second of two things to gain ground in today’s busy marketplace is to WRITE ANOTHER BOOK. Get in that writing chair and do what you do best. And when you need us, Infinity Author Services will be here waiting. 

drop us a contact form if you would like us to help you!
We want to be your author services company.

What to write now: How to write what people want to read


At some point in the writing life, you will write a  book that is filled with great characters, sizzling plot, and wonderful setting details. A book that you are proud of and put a lot of yourself into. You write it, edit it, and publish it.  But you realize that no matter how much care you took, it isn’t getting read. Don’t fear. This is a common issue.

Every day many books are being published but only a small number of them ever get read.

What is it that makes someone want to read a book, well, not only any book, but YOURS?

How do you write what people want to read?

Number one, straight off is that you have to write something entertaining, You have to either have humor, action, romance, or a story that is so deep and dark, a reader cannot say no to it. For example, try this book: 

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But even still, this won’t always bring readers.

Why? Because you did something that messed up your shot. One  little item that every new writer makes.


Now, I know, you have heard it over and over, write what you know. If you build it, they will come. Etc. etc. etc. And I believe those things are true to a point. But a reader needs more than just your writing about something you are familiar with. They want different. They want new. In other words, they want what they want, not what you want to write.

So, how on earth do I know what book to write, what genre to write in?

I’m glad you asked.

It is important to remember that everything is ruled by SEO and keywords these days. Your book is no different. You need to be using keywords in your Amazon listing that are hot items and you will be more successful because PEOPLE WILL FIND YOUR BOOK.

I am happy to say that I found such a tool easily by doing a search for Amazon keyword search tool. It is certainly NOT the only site out there, and Amazon has something very similar on their on ground.

Try this site : https://keywordtool.io/amazon

You are given an array of keywords to use on your Amazon listing page. Go out and see what others in your genre are using! Look at what the bestsellers in your genre have for keywords. Try a few out and see what happens with your ranking. It is a simple thing to do to change your keywords. Be sure to give the new one or two time to travel through the web. 

Let us know how you do!


And do not forget, we can also do this keyword search and destroy mission for you-if you are tight on time. It is a part of the mission to help authors write what people want to read.