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It is a known fact that writers suffer from procrastination more than most. But you do not have to procrastinate with getting your writing in for the day, if you know why you do it.


Have you ever been so tired of NOT writing that you actually considered hiring someone to do it for you? If you are honest, the answer is yes. But why is this such a big deal? Well, steering yourself away from that writing chair could have big consequences the more often that you do it.

procrastination We all need a vacation from something 

And it is not a simple thing to combat. Everyone puts off things once in a while and sometimes it is situational rather than a personal desire to avoid a thing.  Sometimes however, it is definitely personal. Sometimes we avoid doing unpleasant tasks. But wait, you say, writing isn’t unpleasant. Well, here is where it gets a little sticky.

How to stop procrastinating and why you should

If you attach success or failure to your writing, then you might find that writing poorly, or writing an unpleasant piece is easy to avoid because you are already feeling a certain way about it before you ever let your fingers touch the keys. You are giving the writing of the piece so much attention via what is going into it, that you actually shut down. And there is always the old “it is not good enough” or worse “I am not good enough”. 

Remedy this. Start today by saying you are able and you are good enough. Stop putting this manner of resistance in the forefront and begin to examine the possibilities, such as what if, how could I, and when I finish this.  Replacing the negative thought patterns will break you free and set you on the path to getting the work turned out.

Procrastination How to Stop and Why You Should 

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